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Side Attractions

Casket Ride ($5.00 upgrade available at Location ONLY)

Your loved ones cry and pray for your soul. The dirt seals your tomb for eternity and all you can do is scream and beg for someone to hear your moans. Will anyone hear you? Will this be how you leave this world? Will you experience the true horrors of this man made hell?

This state of the art simulator will test you in every way possible. You are put into a casket and sent to the local crematory at the Ft. Harmony Funeral Home ran by Mr. Granger. This trip will send you to the deepest and darkest realm of your mind. You will feel every movement, hear every noise, and smell every scent, as you are Buried Alive!

Institutionalized Challenge (Every night – $5.00 upgrade available at Location ONLY)

Welcome to Ft. Harmony. We have been waiting for your return. We have provided new sites and scares just for you. But, to truly experience these, you must be taken to Ward 7 and properly institutionalized!

“The 7th Street Haunt Institutionalized Challenge! Will you relinquish all control while you take a solo ride through the deepest bowels of Ft. Harmony strapped to a custom wheelchair designed exclusively to remove all hope and humanity? Will you surrender your sanity and become an official citizen of Ft. Harmony? Are you that brave or just that crazy? Test your strength, Take the Ride, Survive. Etta McCall is waiting for you to answer her summons. I dare you…

Sunday Nights, only at the 7th Street Haunt

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(or send us a text message for a coupon)