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New Haunt Naming Contest

We are having a contest to find the right name for our new attraction.  That’s right – We are leaving the name of our new haunt.. up to YOU.  (Yes, this means we have an entirely new attraction this year! Exciting isn’t it!)
Can you really win something?
YES: The winner will get 4 VIP Tickets to come see the new attraction this Halloween season.  If you live within about 30 miles of us, we’ll also send a limo to come get you and bring you to our Haunt, and take you home after you go through.  (if you win and don’t live near enough to actually make it this season – we’ll mail you a swag pack instead)

Now here’s the rules:
– We want to come up with a “name” that fits our themes (see below)
– You can enter as many times as you like, but If we have a duplicate suggestion that end up winning, the first one to submit it wins.
– Once we end the submissions, we will narrow it down to our top 10 favorites, then hold a vote on our Facebook page and let the public decide on the final name we will use.
– The top voted name (which will all be based on submissions of this form) will be the winner
– The final vote has to be determined by approx Sept 5th (we need to get signage and stuff done before we open) so depending on how many submissions we get, will determine the exact date we end these submissions -but  keep an eye on our facebook page at to see if you get into the top 10 or win 🙂
– Our staff or their immediate family cannot win, but they can enter (if they actually won later, we’ll give the prize to second place)

So here’s some suggestions to help you come up with a name that “fits” the attraction (ie: some of the main theme’s of what we’ve already built)

  • Medical Experiments
  • Old City Factory
  • Biohazard
  • Industrial
  • Torture
  • Basically, you’re worst nightmare come to life.

Just fill out form below to enter!

2017 New Haunt Name Contest

2017 New Haunt Name Contest

(If there needs more description or tagline)
(We obviously need to know your information if you win)

For information call Toll-Free 1-855-778-6777
(or send us a text message for a coupon)